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James M. McKenstry Co., LLC

Forest Management Specialists

P.O. Box 6111 Macon, GA 31208

Office 478.932.5795

Mobile 478.986.7999

Fax 478.932.5163


Email mike@mckenstry.com


Mike Mckenstry

Our professional staff includes a real estate broker, registered foresters and contract pesticide applicators. We offer 40+ years of experience in forestry and land management. For a free consultation please call Mike McKenstry at the phone numbers listed above or send an email by clicking here.


You can profit from your land and timber, let us show you how. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how you can improve your land’s profit potential with professional forestry management.


Our services include


Timber Sales: Sealed bid, lump-sum, cash in advance type sales of selective cuts, residential cuts, shelter wood cuts, seed tree cuts, pulpwood thinning and clear cuts.

Land Sales: Both large and small tracts, sealed bid lump-sum sales.

Timber Cruise: Determine the volume and value of timber by plot, strip, prism cruise done on per acre or plot price.

Tree Planting: Machine and hand planting, pine and hardwood trees.

Management Plans: Forest, wildlife and esthetic plans to meet your objective.

Land Acquisition: We help you pay a fair price for both land and timber.

Chemical Vegetation Control: Helicopter and ground application, site preparation, release for planted pine, kudzu control; licensed and insured contract pesticide applicators.

Boundary Line Painting: Helps prevent adverse possession, encroachment and timber theft.  Special paint lasts 10 to 15 years.

Annual Inspection Program: Yearly detailed reports on the condition of your timberland. Helps to identify southern pine beetle spots.

GPS: Global Positioning System - we traverse property to determine acreage and draw detailed maps of property.